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Media Planning & Strategy


Media Buying & Placement-Television/Radio

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Conference Call - Consultation 

  • We will discuss, determine, evaluate your market, demographics, audience.​​

    • Listen and map out the vision for the campaign, its timing, budget, and goals & objectives.


  •  Establish an open line of communication to set up campaign timeline, target, design content material configuration, and coordinate with internal compliance team to ensure advertisement suitability. 


  • Our Team of experienced Media Analyst & Media Buyers will manage & execute each campaign and project, which ranges from recurring weekly meetings & services to one-time efforts depending on campaign dynamics. Each Performance Campaign will have its own team and manager who will work directly with you.  

Generate & Filter Leads

  • For campaigns that are facilitated to generate calls, we monitor and track calls  by the usage of toll-free numbers; By partnering with 3rd Party Call Centers, upon request, an answering service can be staffed throughout operating hours of a business or non-operating hours in addition to 24-hour support​

    • TV & Radio advertising using a Cost Per Call (CPC) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) approach. 

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